Ross Perot, Jr. Gave $5,600 to Trump’s Re-election


As the nation prepared to mourn H. Ross Perot (who died Tuesday at age 89), it was reported in The Boston Globe the “last documented political act of his life” was to write two checks for the legal maximum amount to Trump’s campaign for president, including for the general election next year.

As it turned out, however, the “Ross Perot” listed on the Federal Election Commission report was Ross Perot, Jr., namesake-son of the Texas billionaire and 1996 independent presidential candidate.

The younger Perot, chairman of the family’s real estate development company known as Hillwood, contributed $5,600 to Trump’s re-election campaign in 2019.

Although the elder Perot never publicly voiced an opinion on Trump, he is widely considered the forerunner of the president’s hard-line on trade agreements such as the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).

For his part, Trump seriously considered seeking the presidential nomination of Perot’s newly cobbled Reform Party in 2000. He later explained he was changing his mind because he did not like some of the people associated with the party — notably columnist and conservative stalwart Pat Buchanan.

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