Floridians, New Yorkers Help Baltimore Clean Up Trash


Trash collectors from Florida and New York helped pick up debris and remove trash in Baltimore following President Donald Trump’s relentless criticism of the “rat-infested” city.

“It looked worse than Iraq, and I was there for a year,” “Traveling Trashmen” John Rourke told The Baltimore Sun. “It was worse than Mosul. You can’t get out of a bad situation if you don’t have people to help. Government money can only do so much.”

Rourke is the CEO of All American Sanitation in Jupiter, Florida.

Maggio Environmental of New York also assisted in the cleanup.

Earlier this month, North Virginia conservative activist Scott Presler created a social media campaign to beautify Baltimore.

“Imagine if we picked up trash in every city across America,” he tweeted Aug 5.

Some residents pitched in, too.

“If one person comes up and picks up one piece of trash, you know, it’s a help,” resident Devin Allen said.

“It’s market stuff. Trash, chip bags, everything. Anything you can imagine back here,” Deontra Holland of what she found.

Trump’s criticism of the city stems from his feud with one of the most high-profile Americans in Congress, Rep. Elijah Cummings, D-Md., representing the state’s 7th congressional district.

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