Donna Brazile: Can Denounce Trump Without Calling Him a Racist


Former Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Donna Brazile said Wednesday she often has trouble from people angry because she will not label President Donald Trump as a racist, but she thinks it is time for citizens to have a “conversation” without resorting to name-calling.

However, Brazile, now a Fox News contributor, told the network’s “America’s Newsroom”   that doesn’t mean she thinks the president should get a free pass for his policies and actions. 

“My belief is that we should denounce policies, we should denounce actions, we should denounce vitriol, racist rants and tweets,” Brazile said. “But to personally go out there each and every day and say, ‘you know, this individual, the president of the United States is a racist and therefore I do not wish to discuss his policies, his actions, his tweets,’ that in my judgment is the wrong-headed approach.”

Brazile said, as a woman of color, people, and not only Democrats, expect to hear she thinks the president is a racist, but racism, “America’s original sin, slavery” is something that everyone has to deal with.

She added, she lives in a world where people believe if someone isn ot called out as a sexist, racist or more, the issues are not being addressed, but she does not agree. 

“I think I can address the actions and issues without name-calling,” Brazile said. “I don’t want to major in the minors by calling out people. I want to major and hoping to bring about racial reconciliation so that people of all different backgrounds. That’s why I don’t want to get into the conversation.”

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