CBN News Exclusive: President Trump To Headline Big Evangelical Summit


A White House official tells CBN News that President Trump will speak this Saturday at the Values Voter Summit in Washington, D.C. Thousands of evangelicals will be on hand to hear from the Commander-in-Chief at the event run by the conservative Family Research Council. Trump spoke at the event back in 2017 and Vice President Mike Pence addressed the crowd last year.

Typically, when President Trump speaks to evangelical audiences, he receives multiple standing ovations. This Saturday will probably be more of the same because, even with the swirl of impeachment surrounding him, evangelicals have stood solidly behind the president so far. His remarks also come at a time where evangelical leaders have expressed concern about U.S. troop withdrawal from Northeastern Syria. They believe the move by Trump leaves religious minorities in the region, including many Christians, as easy targets for slaughter by the Turkish Government.  

President Trump will have an opportunity to explain his reasoning in front of this all-important voting block.